Breitling Adds A GMT To One Of The Most Iconic Pilot Swiss Made Fake Watches UK Ever Made

The Breitling Navitimer is one of the most iconic pilot’s 2024 1:1 Breitling replica watches ever made. First launched in 1954, its trademark slide rule bezel enabled aviators to make any number of flight calculations from their wrist, redefining just how useful a tool watch could be on the job.

The first GMT watch, Rolex’s GMT-Master, also came out in the early 1950s. It gave intercontinental pilots the ability to track two time zones simultaneously.

Breitling turns 140 years old in 2024, and as part of its celebrations, it has merged these two icons of aviation timekeeping history into a singular watch: the top fake Breitling Navitimer Automatic GMT 41 watches.

GMT in, Chronograph out

The first thing you’ll notice about the new high quality replica Breitling Navitimer GMT watches is it’s not a chronograph. We have seen Navitimer Chronograph GMTs before, but for this interpretation, the brand has wisely decided to simplify the layout. Here, we’re getting a 41mm case in stainless steel or 18K red gold with a dial featuring a central 24-hour scale and stubby GMT hand.

The reason for going this route with the GMT layout is to make it easier to read, as the outer edges of the dial and bezel are occupied with the Navitimer’s signature (and notoriously busy) slide rule bezel. Thus, the new best Breitling Navitimer GMT copy watches still offers some of the flight calculating abilities of the standard Navitimer, just with a GMT complication effectively replacing the chronograph.

The watch has three dial colors in stainless steel — black, sky blue and ivory — while the red gold edition boasts a deep green dial. All variants are offered with the option of either a matching seven-row metal bracelet or an alligator leather strap.

It’s not the only trick up Breitling’s sleeve

In addition to the Navitimer GMT, Breitling also launched a handful of other cheap AAA Breitling replica watches (hey, you only turn 140 once).

One is the perfect super clone Breitling Navitimer Automatic 41 watches, which has the same general design and specs as the Navitimer GMT but is powered by a time-only automatic movement instead of a dual-time one.

Breitling also released a special limited-edition Cosmonaute. The original Cosmonaute was a 24-hour dial Navitimer made at the request of Mercury Seven astronaut Scott Carpenter, and in 1962, it became the first Swiss watch worn in outer space.

Today’s Cosmonaute is a modern interpretation of that watch. Still featuring 24-hour timekeeping on the dial, a chronograph and a slide rule bezel, the very toolish watch has been given a luxe makeover thanks to an 18K red gold case and a sapphire caseback showing off the decorated Breitling manufacture calibre B12 movement inside. The luxury UK replica Breitling Navitimer B12 Cosmonaute watches is limited to just 250 pieces.

The Breitling Navitimer GMT: What we think

I’m a bit torn on the Navitimer GMT. On the one hand, I love what the Breitling fake watches for sale represents. In a way, it’s the ultimate pilot’s watch, combining the Navitimer’s slide rule bezel with a GMT function. Plus, it’s a Breitling, which offers even more street cred — or, shall we say, air cred?

I also like the design. The layout makes a lot of sense and is easy to read, and Breitling has managed to pack a lot of information onto the dial in a way that doesn’t look cluttered or confusing. (Just look at that perfect 6 o’clock date window.)

But there are a couple of areas on the new China Breitling replica watches that have me scratching my head. One is the movement. Breitling is still using the Cal. 32 movement, which is fine. It’s based on an ETA movement and is COSC-certified as a chronometer.

But it’s not a traveler’s GMT, and the power reserve is just 42 hours. In a world where movements like the Miyota 9075 and ETA Powermatic 80 GMT movements exist, let alone the movements powering GMT watches from Tudor and Longines, Breitling needs to step up its game. The brand has done a great job updating its chronographs to manufacture movements in recent years, so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the rest of its lineup follows suit.

My other beef is with the water resistance — just 30m. Granted, this is a pilot’s watch and not a dive watch, but a mere splashproof rating for a GMT sports watch that people are likely going to use on vacation seems like a miss.

Those qualms aside, the Swiss movements Breitling Navitimer GMT fake watches does a nice job overall of adding another pilot-aimed wrinkle to the Navitimer story. Here’s to another 140 years, Breitling.

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