Interview With Georges, CEO Of Luxury Breitling Replica Watches UK Online

The major international watch fairs Watches & Wonders (formerly SIHH) and Baselworld have been cancelled for reasons that are well known. Like many others, watchmakers will not escape the need to question their models and values, but some have not waited for the economic and societal cataclysm caused by this pandemic to question themselves. Interview with Georges Kern, CEO of AAA UK Breitling replica watches, who for two and a half years now has made a real shift on the basis of an intuition. The one that the world was changing and the notion of luxury with it.

He is one of those sailors who, when the sky is a clear blue, make you leave the anchorage in a hurry. So everyone grumbles, complying willy-nilly… But when a hailstorm arrives at the port, everyone salutes the captain’s intuition.

When Georges Kern, newly at the helm of Swiss top Breitling fake watches, decided to revive the brand in September 2017, starting by trimming the wings of the winged B of the logo, the “purists” were moved and cried sacrilege. In the spring of 2020, the redesign of the collections came to an end and there were not many voices left to speak out against the new products presented since then.

It must be said that the dusting off of the brand’s image brings us back to Breitling’s three fundamental territories, the air of course, but also the land and the sea, with launches that are based on iconic collections brought up to date. After the cheap replica Breitling Navitimer, the Superocean, and the launch of the Premier watches (a more classic watch inspired by a model from the 40s), the Chronomat has just undergone a facelift, which has just been very successful.

Anchoring in the past to reinvent the present

Although deeply rooted in the history of the house, they are modern watches and above all high quality Breitling copy watches to live with, which we gladly wear during a sporting activity or in a more formal setting. It’s the winning combo: with a timeless design, these collections are timeless and yet modern. This is what Georges Kern called the “modern-retro” concept, defending himself from having made Breitling a vintage brand, quite the contrary. “In watchmaking, all the great successes are products designed in the 50s, 60s and 70s and because their design is unique and brilliant, they survive from generation to generation. It’s the difference between a fashionable brand that will go out of fashion and one that manages to become mythical, institutional.” Brands that evolve with the times: as Georges Kern points out, a Porsche 911 is still a Porsche 911. Whatever happens.

The end of bling-bling

Ostentatious luxury is giving way to a more conscious and thoughtful luxury, it no longer resembles the luxury of the 1980s, it has become democratized and many luxury labels have given in to the sirens of a flashy luxury. But the behavior, customer aspirations, and value system have evolved. Swiss made Breitling replica watches sensed this “zeitgeist” early on and the brand adapted, as Georges Kern explains. “We worked on the brand’s image as much as the products, to make it contemporary, younger and more relaxed.” With ambassadorial “squads” in worlds such as surfing or partnerships with events such as Wheels & Waves, boutiques renovated in an industrial loft spirit, the brand promotes a relaxed and hedonistic lifestyle, which corresponds to the aspirations of an entire generation. “We are very different from the others,” says Georges Kern. “We’re not in the old luxury. We’re talking about inclusive luxury, we’re a more casual and less conservative brand than other classic brands.” With the crisis we have just entered, it is a safe bet that this trend, which was discreetly taking shape, is suddenly amplified. Brands that are less agile or less attuned to these weak signals that precede storms will have a hard time adapting… “There is a change in attitude and values. Brands that were “cool” in the past won’t necessarily be cool in the future. Some behaviors will become embarrassing,” he warns. With digitalization, brands are in direct contact with their audience, who can judge their commitments and values. Why not take advantage of this impact to defend just causes? This is what the brand has decided to do for the protection of the oceans with surfer Kelly Slater and his sustainable clothing brand, working with recycled nylon straps, among others. 

A brand’s heritage is a treasure

In parallel with this redesign of its emblematic collections, Swiss movements Breitling replica watches has undertaken to revisit its heritage with the help of a collector and is reissuing nuggets unearthed in its archives, which it equips with a brand new and exclusive movement, the B09, a hand-wound chronograph caliber derived from the B01. And some of the most attractive re-editions, such as the latest 1:1 China fake Breitling AVI Ref. 765 1953 Re-Edition watches (the “Co-Pilot”), have a few more in store for us. “I didn’t suspect the richness of the brand’s catalogue, I have 20 years to go!” jokes Georges Kern.

Like the new Chronomat, the Navitimer, the Avenger, the Superocean, the Superocean Heritage or the Premier, these vintage-inspired super clone Breitling watches for sale have everything to seduce the younger clientele to which the brand aspires. “We’re attracting a lot more young people with the ‘modern-retro’ style. They want a different kind of luxury, one that is inclusive and relevant in terms of values, communication and proximity.” Nostalgia for an idealized “good old days” or a reaction to the hyper-digitalization of the world and relationships? It doesn’t really matter, for Georges Kern there is no doubt about it: “the analogue watch is the new luxury”.

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