The Best Online Entry-Level Breitling Fake Watches UK

Navigating the countless options available to collectors these days can be overwhelming, so we’ve made the hunt easier by gathering a few of the best entry-level Breitling replica watches for sale into one comprehensive buying guide.‘’

Replica Breitling Colt II Automatic Ref. A17380 Watches

With its no-nonsense design, the Colt is one of the most affordable UK top Breitling fake watches on the grey market. It launched in the 1980s and enjoyed decades of production before finally bowing out in 2020, which means used is currently your only option if you’re keen on adding a Colt watch to your collection. Fortunately, this ref. A17380 still trades hands for around $2,500 and under as of 2024 – not bad for entry-level collectors interested in owning recognizable Swiss made Breitling copy watches.

Like many of the offerings in the Breitling cannon, the 1:1 wholesale replica Breitling Colt watches sports the distinctive Breitling rider tab bezel. The four evenly spaced tabs allow the wearer to gain a firm purchase on the bezel, even with pilot’s gloves on. The same goes for the easy-to-grip textured crown. The series was initially intended for military use, so a durable waterproof case and a luminescent display are also a must.

Breitling produced many variations of the Colt, including three-hand models, chronographs, women’s models, and quartz or mechanical models. Ref. A17380 is a time-and-date Breitling with a self-winding mechanical movement, an impressive 500-meter depth rating, and a 41mm case. It represents an excellent value proposition for collectors who appreciate robust yet affordable luxury Swiss Breitling super clone watches.

Fake Breitling Avenger Ref. A17328101B1A1 Watches

Breitling released the China AAA Breitling Avenger replica watches in the early 2000s, giving the Colt a serious run for its money as the brand’s go-to entry-level model because it had an overall similar design set and a better movement. As you now know, the Colt was ultimately discontinued in 2020 in favor of the Avenger, which has since assumed the position of one of the most affordable current-production Breitling collections, with models retailing for as low as $4,600 and dipping to well below that price on the pre-owned market.

Breitling revamped the Avenger collection in 2023, giving it a more refined and less chunky silhouette featuring beautifully beveled edges along the sides of the case and a satin finish middle case. Ref. A17328101B1A1 is a product of the newest generation. It recalls many design aspects of the perfect replica Breitling Avenger and Colt watches that preceded it, such as the famous rider tab bezel and knurled crown. It’s still easily recognizable as an action-ready pilot’s watch but more restrained and has a modern in-house mechanical movement and cambered sapphire crystal.

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