Why Alvaro Morte Is Such A Big Fan Of Vintage-looking AAA Top Breitling Replica Watches UK

Meet superstar Alvaro Morte for the first time and it’s easy to feel slightly intimidated. The Spanish actor is best known for his brooding intensity on screen, thanks to his role in Netflix phenom Money Heist from 2021, in which he spearheads an ambitious plan to screw over the Royal Mint of Spain.

But the stoicism he displays in his work is barely present in person. He instantly puts you at ease, with a natural warmth that never seems far from the surface, rising in the form of a broad smile or a glint in his eye mid conversation. I have to ask, when it comes to his acting, how does he flick the switch and get into the zone? “My way of working is that I analyse every detail in a character from the script, and I try to imagine and build everything, with attention paid to even the very little details. I never look into my own history. I never look into my own life experiences. I always try to look from from a different perspective,” he tells GQ. ”I don’t understand any other way of working as an actor, not only with the performance itself, but also when you’re building up a character.”

Morte hasn’t stopped since Money Heist. He runs his own theatre company called 300 Pistolas in Madrid, where he resides with his family, and he’s started producing under a label that’s just been signed to Sony. Fans of his acting won’t have long to wait either as he’s starring in a new physiological horror alongside another notable TV star. “I shot a movie in Italy, with Sydney Sweeney, which she also produced. We met at this dinner and she offered me to be in this movie. And I’m so glad, I’m so happy [with it]. It’s in post production so I am pretty sure that in a couple of months we are going to hear about this movie.”

We meet Alvaro Morte in Biarritz to chat about 1:1 UK Breitling replica watches, and his role as a Breitling ambassador. The Swiss brand has just launched two new additions to its perfect fake Breitling Top Time watches collection: a Deus ex Machina model in collaboration with the Australian lifestyle brand, and a Triumph edition in partnership with the iconic British marque. Of his many talents, Morte is actually a skilled motorbike rider, but these days he’s against going anywhere on two wheels. “I don’t have a motorbike myself. I would love to but I don’t want to. I enjoy it very much, but I’m a father and when you’re a father, you look at the world in a different way.”

Luxury replica Breitling watches have long been a part of Morte’s world though, with early childhood memories stirring an interest in craft and mechanical movements. “My grandfather wasn’t a watchmaker, but he was a guy that could fix everything, including Swiss movements Breitling copy watches. He had this metal box full of tools and very little screws and I remember watching him near a window repairing a watch. He seemed so calm like it was a mindfulness thing or something for him, which was fascinating for me. So the world of the high quality Breitling fake watches itself connects me in some way with my grandfather.”

As for his own watch collection, Morte has astute taste. Like many a child of the ‘80s, his first watch was a digital Casio, but now he favours mechanical sports watches, hence the Breitling connection. “I’m wearing best Breitling SuperOcean replica watches right now, but I love the Top Time series because of the vintage look,” he tells GQ. “With cheap Breitling super clone watches I love the balance between a traditional vintage look, and very modern engineering. It’s a perfect way to connect these two different worlds of the past and future.”

Morte is a man of detail. It makes sense that an actor with a fastidious approach, who dissects the minutiae of a script to eke out every last bit of depth, appreciates the craftsmanship and history of watchmaking. “This is also true of the wholesale Breitling Navitimer fake watches,” he continues. “It’s amazing that the Navitimer has been part of the collection since the 1950s. With theatre and performing, the classic plays are still loved today because the themes still resonate. They are relevant because the stories are timeless. It’s the same with the Swiss made replica Breitling Navitimer watches. It’s a classic and has always been a classic, so naturally it’s one of my favourites as well.”

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